Product Design

DJHEC specializes in providing analytically-centered engineering services to facilitate high quality, low cost product designs in compressed time frames.  Our engineers are equipped with the latest software running on high power workstations to maximize productivity for each hour worked.  Our experience and dedication allow us to become true partners with our customers in their product development challenges.  We have the ability to work with our customers on individual product development processes as shown in the hopper below or the entire product development life cycle depending on customer specific needs. In regards to our core competency of mobile equipment design, DJHEC is able to provide support in diesel, electric, or hybrid design configurations. Our business depends on the success of our partners, therefore we are dedicated making our partners successful. 

Our core competencies include but are not limited to: 

  • Vehicle Layout/Concepting
  • Drivetrain Design 
  • Kinematic System Design
    • Linkage Systems
    • Steering and Suspension systems 
  • General Design
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Sheet Metal
    • Weldments
    • Simple and Advanced Castings
    • Advances Surfacing (a/B surface/reflection lines) Forgings 
    • Stampings
    • Injection and Rotomolded parts Hydraulic Routing
    • Electric Harness Routing
  • Finite Element Analysis