Cost Improvement

Based on the global drive for improved emissions standards and fuel economy through after treatment implementation and light weight designs, producers are experiencing lower profit margins in order to keep competitive in the marketplace. 

DJH Engineering Center, Inc. has developed cost reduction techniques that can be applied to either new product development or current production components to improve product profitability. These techniques can be applied to a variety of products scaling from heavy machinery all the way to consumer products. One of the key factors to the success is qualifying each cost improvement opportunity with analysis to ensure performance is not degraded. 

DJH has proven success with team of 12 FTE’s dedicated to cost improvement

  • Focus on reducing machine cost driven by emission standards
  • Weight reduction to improve fuel economy
  • Reduce machine/product cost for increased market share

Typical cost improvement areas of focus include:

  • Casting conversion (weldment to casting), (green sand to lost foam)
  • Wireformdesign
  • Powder metals
  • Part simplification
  • Plastic conversion
  • Part count reduction
  • Pin, boss, bushing, trinket commonization
  • Manufacturing process change (roto mold to blow mold), (extrusion)
  • High Strength Steel
  • Laser Welding
  • Structural Adhesives

Parts qualified with finite element analysis to ensure no loss of performance