Producers of low to medium volume products who are working to minimize development costs are faced with the question “What components need to be analyzed and what are the consequences if the product or sub components are not analyzed? “  Unable to adequately assess these questions, producers often find themselves building numerous prototypes and performing multiple physical tests to validate their design.

DJHEC leverages years of product development knowledge and finite element analysis from multiple industries to assess and recommend each projects individual analysis needs. Additionally, simple matrices are generated to identify critical sub components of a system which should undergo finite element analysis. This process reduces overall product life cycle development and the unnecessary need for multiple physical tests. The goal of DJHEC analysis is to generate a product that will pass the physical test requirements the first time it is tested.

Explore our Finite Element Analysis capabilities, hardware and software, and read what we feel sets us apart from other analysis suppliers.

Finite Element Analysis Capabilities

What sets us apart

  • Critically Review Test Data And Strain Time Histories
  • Develop Load Cases and Duty Cycles based on past test time history data
  • Reduce Iteration Time By Evaluating Damaging Load Cases
  • Perform Fatigue Life Calculations
  • Simplify Analysis When Appropriate To Reduce Time/Cost